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UNESCO report highlights need to strengthen digital citizenship education in Vietnam

UNESCO Bangkok on 14 May 2019 launched a research report comparing youth knowledge of and attitudes on digital citizenship across four Asian countries. The report, titled “Insights into Children’s Digital Citizenship,” compared survey responses from about 5,000 15-year-old youth from South Korea, Fiji, Bangladesh and Vietnam. Competency Bangladesh (N=1,055) Fiji (N=1,236) South Korea (N=1,784) Viet...
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Young People Add Their Voices to Internet Policy Discussions in Vietnam

HANOI, 22 March 2019 – Engaging young people in discussions about internet policy issues that affect their lives was the goal of the Youth Internet Governance Forum (YIGF) held in Hanoi, Vietnam, on 21 and 22 March. Vietnam’s first-ever YIGF provided young people with an opportunity to share their experiences and perspectives on internet issues...
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The SDGs are on the agenda at the world’s largest mobile industry event

Connectivity for Development? Yes! Without Digital Safety? No! Mobile operators are embracing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is needed. But increasing mobile connectivity without digital safety is dangerous, especially for women and girls.   “The United Nations refugee agency and the trade body representing mobile network operators are working together to research the impact of...
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Saving Syrian Lives: A Woman’s Work is Never Done Even Online

Sarah al-Hourani’s life changed dramatically with the Syrian uprising in 2011. Until the protests that rocked her hometown of Daraa over the arrest and torture of 15 students for posting anti-Assad graffiti, Sarah had trained and worked as a journalist at a state owned media agency in the capital. “Like all news outlets in Syria,”...
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Black Rose Book Launch

Using Manga to Teach Digital Safety in Vietnam Custom graphic novel sheds light on online dangers and human trafficking. The SecDev Foundation is proud to launch Black Rose a new manga graphic novel raising awareness for digital safety and human trafficking dangers in Vietnam. Black Rose will be launched at a public event on Sunday...
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Internet in Syria Remains Critical – and Challenged

By Abdulrahman al-Masri Internet in Syria remains critical – and challenged. Footage from Vice on HBO’s latest documentary, Assad’s Syria, shows​ a large web of exposed and intertwined wires in the street of a destroyed Aleppo neighborhood, an area​ that witnessed intense fighting between Syrian rebels and regime forces in late 2016.     The tangle of cords appears to be a collection...
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