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Fixing Fragile Cities

Solutions for Urban Violence and Poverty Originally published in Foreign Affairs By Robert Muggah In the decades to come, the city, not the state, will decide stability and development. People around the world have been converging on cities for centuries, and more than half of them live in one today. Western cities have grown so...
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Explaining violence and social disorganization in Ciudad Juarez

Originally published in Freedom From Fear. By Robert Muggah and Carlos Vilalta Destabilizing factors in urban settings The most visible manifestations of urban violence encompass physical and psychological harm against persons – from homicide to other forms of victimization. For more than a century social scientists have also studied the ways in which violence reconfigures social...
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Brace for the Quantified Society

Original posted to OpenCanada by: Rafal Rohozinski & Robert Muggah What a difference a few years can make. About 18 months ago Edward Snowden started exposing the astonishing reach of state-sanctioned surveillance into our everyday lives. Revelations of mass email and phone interception, social media profiling and data mining confirmed the Internet generation’s darkest fears: an all-knowing and unrestrained Big...
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Qualificando Objectivos: Metas Eficazes Para Uma Política De Drogas Que Funcione

Original publicado a la Instituto Igarapé O Artigo Estratégico “Measurement Matters”, publicação do Instituto Igarapé, Secretariado da Comissão Global sobre Política de Drogas, apresenta um conjunto preliminar de objetivos, metas e indicadores para ajudar na orientação dos governos, das agências de aplicação da lei, das instituições de saúde e da sociedade civil – garantindo mais eficácia e eficiência...
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