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[email protected] Psychosocial Support Advisor

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[email protected] Psychosocial support advisor
Organization: The SecDev Foundation, Canada
Contract Type: Consulting
Responsible for: Leading the task to develop and guide the implementation of the psychosocial components of [email protected] project
Reports to: Regional Programme Manager-MENA
Thematic Focus: Women: Digital safety, protection and emergency response, GBV, psychosocial support
Location: Remote/Preferred MENA
Job Start Date: June 2020


  • An experienced psychologist with significant work on gender and violence against women
  • Proven experience in conducting research and writing research outputs
  • A strong understanding psychosocial needs of women who experienced violence
  • Ability to explain complex psychosocial ideas to non-professionals
  • Experience moderating discussions on sensitive gender issues

Research and writing

  • Conduct research to understand the different parameters of psychosocial support for digitally-mediated violence against women, including desk research and interviews.
  • Consult with psychosocial service providers in the six countries of operation.
  • Based on the above research, produce relevant knowledge and training manuals for service provider related to psychological support for cases of digitally-mediated violence against women.
  • Deliver 3 written pieces on psychosocial support for digitally-mediated violence to be published by SecDev, based on the research and experience gathered.

Support Frontliners

  • Provide first-aid psychosocial support training on digitally-mediated violence against women to frontliners in the project
  • Provide mentorship to frontliners when necessary.

`Webinars and Discussions

  • Run six webinars on selected topics relating to psychosocial support and violence. Webinars will be organized by SecDev.


The SecDev Foundation works to support better digital futures for all. We recognize that cyberspace is changing everything†on a global scale, from development and economic opportunities through to the security and safety of people, communities and states. We operate globally — with civil society networks, industry and governments — to help communities pursue digital opportunity, safety and citizenship. We work to ensure all of our partners and beneficiaries — especially women, youth and vulnerable groups — have the skills and knowledge they need to protect themselves from digital harm, and become great digital citizens.

We help societies navigate the emerging opportunities of the global digital economy, which is founded on savvy digital entrepreneurs. And, in countries affected by conflict and war, we help local communities and societies build digital bridges of trust amongst themselves and each other.

The SecDev Foundation is a Canadian-based NGO with current operational programming in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Latin America and the Eurasian region. Our work has been supported by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), The Embassy of the Netherlands, Freedom House, The Open Societies Foundation, the Global Peace and Security Fund (GAC), The Stability Network, Public Safety Canada, the Bureau of Democracy, Rights and Labour, and Google. Our past and present partnerships and projects are located in Eurasia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Western Europe and Canada.

How to apply: Email your resume to [email protected]. In the email subject line write: “PSS Advisor MENA”.

Deadline for Applications: June 3rd 2020

Hire expected: June 10th 2020

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