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Digital Protest and Cyber War

New Book Explores Digital Protest and Cyber War

How is technology driving political and social protest around the world? In what ways are cartels, gangs and insurgent groups colonizing cyberspace? With governments cracking down, what are the implications for our civil liberties online and off? Our new book Open Empowerment: From Digital Protest to Cyber War explores these questions and many more.

“The tension between the empowerment of individuals and communities through technology and existing social controls is the defining struggle of our generation,”  explains Rafal Rohozinski, co-creator of the book, “ the social contract is being redefined by big data, the Internet, and a new generation of digital natives. The real change is not just happening here, in the industrial world, but in places and where the struggle between individuals and institutions is most acute –  countries torn by conflict, weak institutions, and corruption.  That’s where change will be fastest, and  the impact will be felt by all of us.”

Open Empowerment: From Digital Protest to Cyber War features work by contributing authors such as Misha Glenny, a former BBC reporter and the author of McMafia, DarkMarket and Nemesis, who has spent decades investigating the dark side of globalization and has seen firsthand the intersection between crime, extremism and the internet.

Open Empowerment: From Digital Protest to Cyber War, is currently available on Amazon and reveals how new actors like Anonymous, YoSoy132, and Blog de Narco have transformed the ways in which citizens interact with their governments and each other.

“Internet users are finding their voices online and being digitally empowered,” says Robert Muggah, co-editor of the new e-book. “The massive penetration of the Internet and mobile phones in Latin America has tremendous consequences for governance, economics and security. The Internet is creating new forms of open empowerment. This entails accelerated political, social and economic agency and networking enabled by the digital revolution. It involves citizen who are legitimately expressing their interests online. It also includes cyber cartels and digital gangs who are colonizing cyberspace for their own ends”.

The edited volume is a collaboration between The SecDev Foundation and the Igarapé Institute in Brazil.

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