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The SalamaTech Project builds the capacity of Syrian civil society to communicate safely online.

The internet matters in Syria.

man_running-e1385092908894Syrian local humanitarian and community actors need the internet to function.  A great many small, local NGOs are able to help people on the ground because they are backed by large, external NGOs.  Access to a safe and secure internet is what makes this assistance work.

Syrian civil society sees the internet as a lifeline for political freedom – to ensure that dissenting voices are heard, war crimes are documented, and communities can connect across the bloody divides of sectarian fear and hatred.

But the internet is also a frontline in the war.

Syrians are being captured and killed because of their online activities. Syrians are tortured for their Facebook passwords – as access exposes everyone who is connected to the victim’s online networks. The threat comes not just from the digitally savvy Assad regime.  Armed groups, like Islamic State, are also capturing and torturing Syrians to access their online accounts.

Since 2012 the SalamaTech not-for-profit project has helped millions of Syrian non-violent citizens to stay safe online and use social media to make their voices heard. We provide customized, easy-to-use security and social media guidance, tools, training and resources, and ongoing online support. We provide emergency technical support to Syrians who have been arrested, or had their accounts hacked or disabled. Our network of Information Freedom Champions provide in situ trainings to Syrians trapped inside Syria. Our cyber-security experts help build the capacity of emerging Syrian civil society organizations through digital safety audits and real-time remediation

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